Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Prep Work

English: Logo of NPR News.
This summer, it will be tempting to late school work slide into oblivion. While I can't say that I'm hard at reading and working for school all the livelong day, I will say that exercising your "little gray cells" can help keep up good thinking habits. Practicing good critical thinking skills can go a long way toward keeping you ready for the next big SAT event coming up in October. Here are a few suggestions - read something more complicated than the funny pages or the sports section. Simply keeping up with world events via a weekly news magazine is more useful than letting your brain get washed away by celebrity gossip and sports team signings. Additionally, try listening to several minutes of the local NPR news to catch a slightly more elevated discussion of events, often with a more complex vocabulary. These are just a couple of suggestions that have helped me to keep mentally sharper over the summer months. Happy thinking!
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